Scanning electron micrograph of the hierarchical structure of a large-area CAT grating membrane fabricated from a silicon-on-insulator wafer.

Shaping of thin-foil x-ray optics

X-ray optics for space-based applications need to be wafer-thin AND maintain accurate figure.

Home of the MIT Nanoruler

The Nanoruler is the first tool to implement the patented patterning technique called Scanning Beam Interference Lithography (SBIL). (© Volker Steger, Science Photo Library)

The Chandra X-Ray Observatory

The SNL fabricated hundreds of transmission gratings for the High Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer on board of Chandra, launched in 1999, and still operating. (Image credit: NASA/CXC/SAO)

Advanced X-Ray and EUV Diffraction Gratings

The innovative Critical-Angle Transmission (CAT) grating combines the best of transmission and reflection gratings in the soft x-ray band...

Shaping of Thin-Foil X-Ray Optics

We are pioneering alternative methods for the shaping and figure correction of thin-foil optics utilized as grazing-incidence mirrors in space-based x-ray telescopes...

Scanning Beam Interference Lithography: The Nanoruler

The Nanoruler is a prize-winning tool for the rapid high-precision patterning of large-area gratings...
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