The Space Nanotechnology Laboratory (SNL) includes 1930 sq-ft of laboratory space comprised of 1430 sq-ft Class 100 and 500 sq-ft support.

SNL Equipment Includes:

● Interference Lithography System, Scanning Beam (SBIL) (MIT-built system) Nanoruler
● Interference Lithography System (IL) (MIT-built system)
● Deep Reactive Ion Etcher SPTS Pegasus
● Reactive Ion Etcher Plasma Therm Model 770
● Scanning Electron Microscope AMRAY 3300 FEM
● Vacuum Coater Denton Vacuum Desk II
● Spin Coater/Dryer SCS Model P6204‑A
● Critical Point Dryer (NSL) Tousimis Autosamdri-815B
● Coat-Bake System Brewer Science Cee 200 CBX
● Full Wafer Imaging System (RIE) LES Model 1000-IS
● Gold Fountain-Bath Pulse-Plater Marks and Associates
● Gold/Nickel Fountain-Bath Pulse-Plater (MIT-built system)
● Three-Axis Adhesive Dispense System CAMELOT Model 1414
● Bonding Aligner (MIT-built system)
● Flat Glass Slumping Facility (MIT-built system)
● Furnace NEY Vulcan 3-550
● Furnace Lindberg/Blue BF51542 COMC-1
● Optical Surface Test, Shack-Hartmann (MIT-built system)
● Thin Optic Assembly Truss (MIT-built system)
● Thin Optic Kinematic Holder (MIT-built system)
● Laminar Flow Chemical Hoods (2)
● Optical Microscopes (2) Leitz Ergolux, Wild M3Z
● Autocollimator Newport LAE500
● Surface Profilometer Dektak III
● Analytical Microbalance Denver Instruments Model A-200DS
● Signal Analyzer HP 35670A
● Spectrum Analyzer HP 8594E
● Custom Vacuum Bonder ABBESS Instruments
● Ultrasonic Cleaner VWR Aquasonic 250 D
● Ultrasonic Cleaner CREST Tru-sweep 275-D

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