Currently Open: UROP

Project Title: Data analysis for the characterization of diffraction gratings for x-ray astronomy
Project description:
This is an opportunity to participate in the analysis of measurement data and modeling of critical-angle transmission gratings, a new technology for future astrophysics x-ray spectroscopy satellites. The gratings are high-precision arrays of silicon nanomirrors fabricated in the Space Nanotechnology Lab (SNL) at MKI. The UROP will organize and analyze data from x-ray measurements of grating diffraction efficiency and spectral resolving power of prototype spectrographs obtained at national and international facilities, and get exposure to the full range of projects at the SNL. Modeling is performed using rigorous-coupled wave analysis and custom software, which can be improved by the UROP.
Prerequisites: Good programming and organizational skills, good physics background; experience with Matlab, graphical presentation, and fits files is a plus.
Exceptional candidates from outside MIT can also be considered as summer interns for this project. Please contact ralf at space.mit.edu

Postdoctoral Research Associates

The SNL generally performs research with the assistance of MIT graduate and undergraduate students. While we have appointed Postdoctoral Research Associates in the past, we are not seeking any at the present time.

Graduate Student Research Assistants

Students seeking graduate research assistant appointments in the SNL need to first apply and be accepted by an MIT academic department, such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Aero/Astro Engineering or Physics. Please do not apply to the SNL for graduate study as we are not an academic department and cannot respond to your request.

The SNL usually considers new graduate research assistants in the Summer & Fall of each year from among the group of new students accepted to MIT or at other times from MIT graduate students who may be seeking a research group after receiving the master’s degree. New research assistant appointments require the availability of funding from non-MIT sources and/or the graduation of senior students in the lab, and thus are not always available.

Undergraduate Student Research Assistants

The SNL is frequently seeking bright, energetic undergraduate students through MIT’s UROP program. UROP students are usually assigned to a graduate student or staff Ph.D. mentor who supervises their work.

Research Internships

The SNL also welcomes exceptionally qualified students from outside of MIT to apply for research internship positions. These internship positions are typically of three to six months duration and are unpaid. SNL does not provide financial support or assistance with housing. Interns need to have full financial support from their school, company, and/or institution, and may also use personal funds. However, MIT requires that personal or family funds must comprise less than 50% of total support. (Living costs in Boston are approximately $1,800-2,200/month.) For more information please see this link: http://web.mit.edu/policies/5.5.html.

Student Summer Jobs

The SNL has occasionally hired exceptional undergraduate students from outside of MIT for summer jobs. However, we generally give MIT UROP students preference in hiring.

Corporate Assignees

The SNL also welcomes visiting scientists and engineers who wish to perform research for a period of several months to a year and who have full corporate support.

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