Mark Schattenburg – Director; Ralf Heilmann – Associate Director; Mallory Whalen – Grad Student (MechE); Alexander Bruccoleri (Izentis LLC) – Contractor

Former Lab Members

Graduate Students

Heng Zhuo, Ph.D. (2021); Assist. Prof. at U. of New Mexico
Jungki Song, Ph.D. (2021); now at Apple
Brandon Chalifoux - Graduate Student (MechE)
Brandon Chalifoux, Ph.D. (2019); Assist. Prof., U. of Arizona
Dong Guan - Graduate Student (MechE)
Dong Guan, M.S. (2014); now at Schlumberger

Ed Sung, M.S. (2013)                                          Abdul Al-Husseini, M.S. (2012)            Minseung Ahn, Ph.D. (2009)
now at KLA-Tencor                                            now at NASA Ames                                now at Intel
Chih-Hao Chang, Ph.D. (2008)      Mireille Akilian, Ph.D. (2008)             Yong Zhao, Ph.D. (2008)
Assist. Prof. , NC State               now at Smith & Nephew Endoscopy           now at UBS
Craig Forest, M.S. (2003)             Juan Montoya, Ph.D. (2006)     Paul Konkola, Ph.D. (2003)
Assist. Prof. , Georgia Tech               now at Lincoln Labs                      Eyekon Systems
Carl Chen, Ph.D. (2003)                Chulmin Joo, M.S. (2004)    Olivier Mongrard, M.S. (2001)
now at Waters Corp.

Undergraduate Students

Michael DeTienne - Undergraduate (Electrical Engineering)
Michael DeTienne – Undergraduate (Electrical Engineering)



Pran Mukherjee (Research Scientist)

Martin Klingensmith (Electrical Engineer)
Martin Klingensmith (Electrical Engineer)
Robert Fleming (Lab Manager)
Robert Fleming (Lab Manager)

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